A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Welcome to my 2nd Amendment site. Iím sure this will make everybody think Iím a nut. It is highly likely that eventually the citizens of the United States will be totally controlled by their government, just the opposite of the intentions of the framers. This site is a collection of this mess weíre building, and the concept that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to keep that from happening.

May the honor for those who have lost their lives in the protection and service of our country, our freedom and our rights never diminish. Thank you to all the veterans who serve or have served our country.


Many people think the 2nd Amendment is about the right to keep firearms to hunt for food or to protect themselves from robbers. As good as these two points are, that is not the fundamental purpose of the 2nd Amendment. The US had just taken their country from the cruel rule of England by having equal weaponry as the British army. Patriots used their firearms to take this country from the evil masters in red coats, and when the constitution was written, it was considered that eventually the new government could pervert into something in which the civilians may in fact have to take it back again. This could only be done if the people had equal weaponry as the government. In fact, to be feasible, this weaponry could not be registered, licensed, specially permitted, or otherwise governmentally controlled in order to be effective. Now that the USAís government is huge and out of control as far as civilian domination, it is doing everything it can to eliminate the weapons we have. The excuses are made to sound so sensible that fairly intelligent people fall to the trickery to make guns difficult to own and carry. Bullets are now being bought by the USA in order to keep them from being owned by its own citizens. Laws are created to keep guns from being owned, carried, used, traded or sold, and in some places it is ILLEGAL to own, buy or hold a gun. That is in direct conflict with the 2nd Amendment. I know it sounds nutty to say that a Revolution is inevitable in this country, but government domination is nuttier. In many dictatorial conditions the first move is the gun confiscation. It has happened in freely democratically functioning countries, such as Pre-WWII Germany.

The theory that making guns illegal makes your neighborhood safer is silly. States with carry abilities have far less gun crime than states with carry restrictions. Logic prevails, if you were a bad guy, wouldnít you prey on those without guns rather than those with guns? If a crazy nut enters a school and starts to eliminate the kids, wouldnít a teacher with a gun terminating this freak reduce hugely the number of victims? Isnít a store owner with a pistol safer than a store owner without one? The idea that the government is better at deciding how I will protect myself than I am is idiotic. The government is bad at everything they do and making decisions for me and my safety is one of those things.

Here are many posters I found on the Internet and am posting on this page [without asking permission, but I think this group of people will be happy Iím spreading their word]. It tells a story through irony and sarcasm that is very deep in truth. Those in our government who want to take away the guns are hypocrites, thugs and control freaks. They are afraid of the civilian population having guns, not because theyíll go out and shoot somebody like they tell the press, but because it represents a group of people who refuse to let the government run them down. Only a freely armed society can have a free condition, and when that simple freedom has been taken away, all the other freedoms are soon to follow.



The US government is buying as many bullets as they can in calibers that only citizens use in order to keep Americans from buying ammunition. Some local governments are also putting limits on how many cartridges you can purchase. Many have sworn to protect and defend the constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. It is extremely likely that the last president, vice president, democrat candidate and many other liberal congressmen and senators are in fact those domestic enemies to whom this oath refers.

Just like Hitler, Obama was freely elected nationalist / socialist. I am not saying the US will come to this extreme, but do you think Germans in 1928 thought this was what was ahead?

Itís easy to see now what creeps these guys were. It isnít as easy before it happens. One sign is when your leader wants your ability to protect yourself from the government to be removed. Kind of like right now, huh?

Please read this three or four times.

When the USA militarizes the police departments, this will be another sign. Knock, knock, knock, ďweíre here for your guns. According to the registration records you have three, give them to us nowĒ.

Should cars be illegal? Should hiking be illegal? Should alcohol be illegal? Should being constipated be illegal?


Government of the People, Abraham Lincolnís whole point, mandates that the government is small, is the subject of the people, and that we own them. Today we have a government ruling the people, we are the subjects of them, and they own us. The final step to this domination is the confiscation of guns.

These are such nice guys. Hitlerís Germany was defeated in WWII. The country was devastated by war. CastroĎs Cuba is still in hell. Stalinís Russia was ripped apart in 1990 by the fall of the Iron Curtain [Thanks Ronnie]. Maoís communist China still has over a billion people under control. Qaddafi was beat to death by citizens, but the country is still a mess. Amin died of VD, the country is still a mess. Pol Pot was a freak, Cambodia is still a mess. Kim Jung Il is dead, his son still rules North Korea and is a nuclear threat.

Which posture would you like your wife or daughter to presume when an attacker is targeting her?On the left you can see the expression of failure, loss, fear and doom. On the right is the expression of confidence and survival. Itís a no-brainer.


If you go to this story, http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/07/16/honest-mistake-leads-to-philly-mother-facing-three-years-on-gun-charge/, you will see a lady who had been a victim and decided to get a gun. She got her concealed weapons permit legally and only had it to protect herself and her kids. She crossed a state line and was pulled over for a lane changing issue. She told the police officer that she had a gun and a permit, but since she had cross over from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, she was arrested and is looking at 3 years minimum jail time with no parole. Who will care for her kids? Why should she see her kids mature for three years without their mother simply for responsibly carrying a gun for protection? As Ted Nugent says, ďthe 2nd Amendment IS my concealed weapons permitĒ. Our government has turned into a monster who thinks they can take care of us better than we can take care of ourselves.

2nd Amendment Video 1††††††††††††† 2nd Amendment Video 2††† The government plans on changing our capitalist system.



Not a bad oath. There are others. Check out your local militia and see what their oath looks like. You might find that militias arenít the freaky creeps the liberal news media make them out to be, but are in fact faithful and loyal men and women securing your land for your future.

Californians especially donít get this. With no weapons on campus, we are asking freaks to come to our schools and kill people. Arming staff members will reduce the slaughter from dozens down to single digits. It wonít look good on the news, but it will keep the problem to a small disaster rather than a terrorist act.

Hard to believe that this gun was banned in 1774, and we still kicked the British out of North America. Itíll be harder next time because so many people are institutionalized into the dull drone of being a subject of the state and donít actually have a clue what it is to be a free human.

Shocking graphic, but slavery is the appropriate word.

The same thing can be said about the Affordable Care Act [ObamaCare]. It isnít about health care, itís about control. All of this liberal nonsense is about control. When they have your guns, it will be total control.

Since Iím a teacher, Iíll go a step further. The same thing can be said about Common Core. It isnít about a better education, itís about control. Centralization and Federalization of ALL things is the governmentís goal. This includes health care, 1/7 of our national product, education, where the government can brain-wash ALL the future voters, eventually with total control of the Internet, it will include communications. Through all these things the government can without contest train the people into thinking this crap is actually the way to live.

This is a photo from Waco, Texas. The news media made this group of cultists seem so horrible. But look whatís going on. Was David Karesh really as bad as Janet Reno? She and Bill Clinton also were in control when Ruby ridge happened, as well as Elian Gonzales being taken from his uncleís house in Florida to be hauled back to Cuba, as shown below.

This kidís family escaped Cuba in a raft. His family died on the way but he made it. The courts said he could stay, but Bill Clinton and Janet Reno had their gestapo go get him at gunpoint, haul him out of his uncleís house, and shipped his ass back to Cuba. He is now a brainwashed victim of communists, and in that word I include Bill Clinton. Yes, your government did this. Yes, that is an assault rifle being pointed at a little boy. They donít want you to have an AR15, but its ok for them to have one and do this with it.

This says it all.

This is a joke, but Obama and Feinstein both are heavily armed and desire you to have no arms.

Two reasons to own guns.

A bit on the side, but the deal is that conservative producers create wealth and liberal morons dictate what will become of that wealth.

The Star of David on the flag is a representation of the power that Israel now holds for itself. They are centered within Islamic countries who want to kill them, and they know that owning guns will keep their country alive.The Star of David on the right is the badge that Nazi Germany had Jews wear for identification purposes. There they had no guns, and were fried in ovens.

In 1776 the patriots had equal weaponry as that of the English Army. There is no reason this shouldnít be the case now. Some people will think that this kind of weapon is unnecessary and ridiculous, but it isnít. If you donít want one, donít buy one. If you hold your country close to your heart and would offer your own life to protect it, then buy one [while you can].

Native Americans have been screwed by America and controlling them is shameful. Do you think you wonít be equally controlled?

Chicago and New York have extreme gun control. Chicago sucks for crime. Speaking of gun control in New York, I saw a Law and Order: Special Victims Unit show, where a lady was raped, so she bought a gun. The police were so caring for her and others that they took her gun away. She was raped again. NBC was actually trying to show that the police were the good guys in the show. Nonsense.

We may be witnessing this right now. In the Obama presidency, guns had become very close to being confiscated. Registration is the first step to confiscation. With registration comes the location for the police to go get the guns. If Hillary had become the next president, do you really think we would have kept our 2nd Amendment? In case you are too young to know who the photo is of, it is President Ronald Wilson Reagan, perhaps the best president of the 20th Century, regardless of what your worthless liberal school history book may say. Behind him is a shot of Obama smoking dope.

Speaking of Obama smoking dope and snorting cocaine, you can listen to him telling you about himself smoking dope and snorting cocaine from his audio book on this link.

Good question.

Look at the snobby holier-than-thou look on the pukeís face. Looking down his nose at you like he is your maser and you are his subject. Heís never held a job in his life, probably couldnít even begin to understand what it would be like. His entire cabinet was filled with academists, none of whom have ever owned or run as much as a candy store. His arrogance is sickening and the comparison to Hitler is appropriate.

Here we go again. . .

This is one of my favorite posters. It should be obvious that your daughter ought to have the pistol. The government wants her to have the rubber. I guess having a cell phone would be great to call the cop who will get there after his doughnut, after sheíd been raped, and if she were to protect herself from the rapist with the gun, sheíd go to jail.

Kind of a repeat, but the poster is good.

This looks like Sam Eliot in the Big Lebowski.

How dead will you be if you wait for the cops? Take your life into your own hands. Use guns carefully, responsibly, and legally, or donít own one.

Like I said, if you donít want or like guns, donít own one.

There have been cases where people have had signs like this on their house and were broken in to. They protected themselves and were then sued by the intruder since the sign represented a predetermined intent to kill. How nuts is our world getting?

This should be automatic.

We donít need another Nazi event. Why do we keep electing liberals with their stupid concepts of government control? And another thing, why have the liberals and Hollywood made Nazis out to be ďright wingĒ extremists? Theyíre left wing damn it!

Whenever a school has a shooting or something like that happens, the kneejerk reaction of the crazy liberals is to make yet another gun law. They also make sure that if you donít agree with them, you are part of the psychological problem in the world.

Remember the million or two people who turned out to the first inauguration of Obama? It looked freakily like Hitlerís masses. They loved him. They loved how he talked. They loved how he looked. History keeps doing the same stupid thing over and over.

This is an evil individual.

This is why publicly armed citizens is a good thing, not a bad thing. When the freaks shoot masses, police finish their doughnuts and get in a meeting and figure it all out, then discuss how not to get sued while apprehending the bad guy, and how to do it without hurting him. An armed citizen will shoot the asshole.

Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and the other liberal morons still have ads stating that each of their political topic is about how the republicans will cause your kids to die. This crap worked then, it works now.

He should have shot the asshole.

Here is an MTV video that has an agenda. I have not researched it for what their agenda is, I honestly think that they think the republicans are the gestapo, when in fact itís the liberal democrats. Nonetheless, itís an impacting video. Click here.


Here is a Sheriff demonstrating how a large capacity clip law is useless. Click Here. It is obvious that anti-gun senators and congress-people donít have your safety in mind when they enact laws forbidding large capacity clips, but are only adding to the multitude of laws making gun ownership difficult. This is an ongoing agenda by the left to disarm America so that the government has no fear in oppressing us. Common sense will prevail, watch this video. It is a well-made video, very clinical, performed by a law enforcement officer, and easily demonstrates how silly banning large capacity clips is.

Well folks, thatís my page. I hope you donít think Iím a nutbag. When the guns have been confiscated and you are living in a government apartment watching government run media telling you how nice it all is and you are buying your food at the government store and sending you kids to the government school and getting your mail from the government mailman and going to work in government transportation and eating exactly what the government tells you to eat and shitting at the time the government tells you to shit and you weigh exactly what the government tells you that you will weigh, remember that at one point in time, I had the right to post this page.


2/16/14 Here is an article regarding the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals stating on 2/13/14 that not letting a person have a gun permit if they donít have any criminal or psychological history of problems is in fact illegal and that soon they wonít be able to refuse you a gun permit.

As of 2/27/14 it is still nearly impossible to get a concealed weapons permit in Manteca, CA. The expenses, training required, red tape and crap is huge, and you could still be rejected.

2/27/14 Here is an article discussing the association with Nazis and leftists. It is horrible how democrats refer to Nazis and right wing, when in fact Nazis are left wing, always have been.

3/31/14 Here is an article that emphasizes why owning guns is important.

11/24/14 Click HERE to see Ted Nugent explaining the 2nd Amendment to somebody who doesnít look like they get it.