SOFIA Videos and Photos from October 2016

Dr. Larry Grimes and Jeff Baldwin

First Night’s Flight Cosmic Ray Intro video

2016-10-20 43,000 ft over Salt Lake City Looking at Orion PAHs.

2016-10-19 41,000 feet over Ohio looking at IC 5117.

2016-10-19 07:00 UT over Wisc/Minn looking at 65 Cybele.

2016-10-20 9:14 UT observing NGC 2023 at 43,000 ft over the Tetons.

Telescope wiggling around.

Animation of flight



Chicago from 43,000 feet.



Larry and Jeff filming cosmic ray hits on our first night in SOFIA.


My SOFIA AAA Team plus a bright light from our NASA Videographer Steve.



Fun Meters! They are past red-line!