Lathrop High School CSF Club

The California Scholarship Federation is an organization in which students become members when they take difficult, rigorous academic classes and achieve high grade marks in them. To be a Life Member of CSF, you must be a member 5 times in your high school experience, one of which must be during your senior year. These Gold Seal Bearers will have a gold CSF seal on their diploma, will graduate with a gold sash and CSF pin, will be seated in the front row at graduation, and will graduate first among their class. Having a CSF gold seal on your diploma goes a long way in receiving scholarships and grants, and students who are CSF life members generally achieve high outcomes in their college experience.

Lathrop High School was accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges [WASC] in 2013. Immediately afterwards, our application to CSF was granted, and Lathrop High School is CSF chapter 1427.

CSF members are also expected to participate in communities services. Please keep a record and verification of these services for your records, and please submit copies of these services to Mrs. Hamilton.

Click ME to download and print the LHS CSF Application form.

2018 2019 Officers: President: Nikolle Sanchis Vice-President: Karanjit Singh

Treasurer: Hannah Eires Secretary: Darlene Hoang


2017 2018 Officers: President: Chad Hoang Vice President: Mikay Gozari

Treasurer: Eden Baca Secretary: Melissa Sifuentez


2016 2017 Officers: President: Ian Steffes Vice President: Farhat Khairzadah

Treasurer: Zari Castaneda Secretary: Malia Akers


2015 - 2016 Officers: President: Chloriza Avila Vice President: Paula Mora

Treasurer: Raquel Haro Secretary: Lisa Thongmanivong

Publicity: Kriszel Ramos


2014 2015 Officers: President: Albert Hoang Vice President: Michael Li

Treasurer: Paul Mora Secretary: Chloriza Avila



2013-2014 Officers: President: Gurpreet Atwal Vice President: Ronnie Panaligan

Treasurer: John Paul Bugay Secretary: Cyrina Avila

Adviser: Mrs. Hamilton