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SAS Observing and Event Sites

Emergency Heliport    38o 29’ 48.47” N                   120o 30’ 30.91” W      81.5 miles from Lathrop

Peddler Hill                  38o 33’ 56.79” N                   120o 16’ 04.56” W      97.0 miles from Lathrop

UOP Meetings             37o 58’ 33.09” N                   121o 18’ 43.99” W      13 miles from Lathrop

Shirley Road                 37o 56’ 27” N                         120o 42’ 52” W            44 miles from Lathrop

Oak Grove                    38o 03’ 23.41” N                   121o 22’ 02.92” W      21 miles from Lathrop

Strawberry Peak         38o 12’ 03.63” N                   120o 01’ 32.54” W

Lake Pardee                 38o 15’ 48.90” N                   120o 51’ 18.65” W     

Robert Ferguson Observatory      38o 26’18” N 122o 30’ 32” W

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