Stockton Astronomical Society ATM Events

The next ATM session will be Saturday, May 4th from 10AM to 2PM We meet at 684 Pioneer Ave. in Lathrop, CA. Check at 360-640-0093 to make sure it hasnít cancelled before you come.


Select a Project

Stress Test

Curve Generate

Water Jet Glass Cutting

Making Tools

Couse Grinding


Pitch Laps


Tests for Astigmatism

Machine Mirror Making

Test Stands

Test Jigs


Ronchi Test

Star Test

Bath and Fizeau Interferometry

Slit Image Test Invented by Bill Thomas

SIT Videos

Making Flats and Secondary Mirrors

Flat Testing

Collimating Your Telescope

Binocular Telescope Mirror Matching Process

Wheelchair Telescope

Polar Alignment


Pheng Vangís Senior Project